8 Oct 2022

An unjustifiable failure

The young ruler refused to follow Christ, for he was a man of great wealth. Others did not openly acknowledge Him, having valued their reputation with men rather than the honour God gives. What various reasons people have for not obeying God, none of which shall justify their failure in the end!

5 Oct 2022

He did not shrink back

On the cross Christ overcame satan, the prince of this world. That despised cross has done a far mightier deed than has ever been done by any conqueror's sword. Oh, bless God that He did not shrink back from the terrible conflict! He knew that by the conquest of satan His Father's name would be, and, indeed, was and still is being glorified in the salvation of His people.

29 Sep 2022

It's my birthday!

Well, it's my birthday today and God is so good. So, here's a song (from one my favourite songwriters) I just recorded this afternoon.

Just click here and enjoy!

22 Sep 2022


Well, just look at that. Somebody's excited to celebrate me. How thoughtful of them!

21 Sep 2022

Having the form but not the power

In Matthew 21:10-13, when Jesus entered Jerusalem, He went to the temple — to His Father's house. What a state that sacred place was in! It shone bright in earthly grandeur; it was free from the evil of idolatry; it was visited very often by crowds of worshipers; but yet it was a den of robbers. God save us from merely having a form of godliness but the validity of which is in some way denied!

14 Sep 2022

Cheer up!

We have no reason to lose all hope, when our attempts to honor our Lord increase the malice of His enemies. Cheer up! He brings real good out of what seems to be a disaster.

9 Sep 2022

Reputed to be alive but dead

Yes, there may be a full attendance at the house of God, and even at the Lord's supper, while there really are only few true worshippers. Such religious acts may give people a reputation of being alive; but, mind you, these may be performed while the heart is in fact dead before God.

3 Sep 2022

Surprising and never ought to happen

Sometimes — surprising as it is — even believers, when exposed to sharp trials, entertain suspicions of the Lord's faithfulness. But He is pursuing His own gracious purposes all along.

18 Aug 2022

Unfit for the kingdom

One's unpreparedness for sufferings and persecution, or his being so much absorbed by earthly enjoyments that he is continually putting off the time for beginning to lead a new life, indicates unfitness for the kingdom of God.

12 Aug 2022


I have many times observed how easy it is for people to deceive themselves with respect to the motives of their own actions, deceiving themselves to better deceive others. Terrible! Never ever lean on your own understanding.

1 Aug 2022

How sweet!

To have a childhood that is blessed with more than childish joy through the early knowledge of the heavenly Father is no small privilege; and the remembrance of a youth spent in His service, pure from worldly vanities, O how sweet!

15 Jul 2022


It would be wonderful if I could perfectly adapt my discourses to the state of mind of my hearers. God grant it!

8 Jun 2022

Leave them!

No arguments can convince those whose hearts are set against Christ. So “leave them!” He said, “they are blind guides. If someone who is blind leads another who is blind, both will fall into a pit.” (Matthew 15:14)

16 May 2022
😂 You may want to rethink your plan to get married
😂 You may want to rethink your plan to get married
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