9 Dec 2022


How wonderful it is to be free! To break off the chains of former sin. To experience the freedom of a conscience cleansed from guilt. To have the freedom of access into the presence of God, as His beloved child, calling unto Him, “Abba, Father!”

1 Dec 2022

The last day

The last day shall be very great in splendor; yet that is not what will make it important, but the verdicts that shall then be pronounced. All through eternity that day cannot be forgotten. The lost will date from that day their final separation from God, the source of all happiness. The saints will date from that day their entrance into the full enjoyment of the light of His presence.

29 Nov 2022

A step on the ladder

One Christian working man, to his wife's surprise, used to rise earlier on Sunday than any other day in the week. Finally he told her why: “I like the day I give to my Savior to be the longest in the week.” If we have this attitude, every Sunday will be a step on the ladder, leading us nearer to our everlasting Home.

7 Nov 2022

Those touching words

When you hear of any who have turned back from following the Lord, think of what He once spoke to His apostles: “Do you also want to go away?” I personally know some people who used to walk with Him for some time, and to love Him for a little while, but whose feet grew weary, and whose love grew cold. How they will wish that they had never been born!

26 Oct 2022

Just for show

We are apt to imitate those we admire. There are those who greatly admire some persons for their apparent good works, not detecting their motive. God keep us from those who do all just for show!

24 Oct 2022

Only too late

Some, content with their ignorance, and having preferred darkness to light, do not desire to come to know the truth. But in the end they shall understand it, only too late.

22 Oct 2022

Alright then!

On this day, called “Make A Difference Day” by the world, one can't help but ponder: what of the other 364 days? Each dawn should find us driven to make a difference, not just today, but every day. Let us carry the torch of impact, for God's blessing follows those who seek to change the world, day by day.

17 Oct 2022

Pride hardens the heart

No sin hardens the heart so much as pride. Open sins, though capable of exposing people to shame and great unhappiness in this life, sometimes make them more willing to humble themselves before God.

13 Oct 2022

What infinite love!

Jesus came into the world as light, not for His own happiness, but that all who believe in Him should not remain in darkness. He had seen us lying in darkness; He had mercy on our terrible state, and had agreed to enter into our miserable world, to bring to us the light of life. What infinite love!

8 Oct 2022

An unjustifiable failure

The young ruler refused to follow Christ, for he was a man of great wealth. Others did not openly acknowledge Him, having valued their reputation with men rather than the honour God gives. What various reasons people have for not obeying God, none of which shall justify their failure in the end!

5 Oct 2022

He did not shrink back

On the cross Christ overcame satan, the prince of this world. That despised cross has done a far mightier deed than has ever been done by any conqueror's sword. Oh, bless God that He did not shrink back from the terrible conflict! He knew that by the conquest of satan His Father's name would be, and, indeed, was and still is being glorified in the salvation of His people.

29 Sep 2022

It's my birthday!

Well, it's my birthday today and God is so good. So, here's a song (from one my favourite songwriters) I just recorded this afternoon.

Just click here and enjoy!

22 Sep 2022


Well, just look at that. Somebody's excited to celebrate me. How thoughtful of them!

21 Sep 2022

Having the form but not the power

In Matthew 21:10-13, when Jesus entered Jerusalem, He went to the temple — to His Father's house. What a state that sacred place was in! It shone bright in earthly grandeur; it was free from the evil of idolatry; it was visited very often by crowds of worshipers; but yet it was a den of robbers. God save us from merely having a form of godliness but the validity of which is in some way denied!

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