7 May 2024

Stand firm

Better to stand firm upon the rock of unyielding truth, though the congregation be but a remnant, than to build a cathedral upon shifting sands, for the storm of judgment will surely reveal the folly of compromise.

11 Apr 2024

The Fire of Holiness

Holiness, my friends, is not a quaint relic of bygone days. It is the blazing fire that consumes the dross, the refining furnace where our souls are laid bare. The world scoffs, the lukewarm mock, but the God of Sinai still calls us to ascend the holy mount. Let us strip off the tattered garments of compromise, for the fire awaits. Burn, O Lord, burn!

7 Apr 2024

The Weight of Eternity's Values

What are we building, my fellow pilgrims? Towers of vanity, sandcastles of ambition? Nay, I say! Let us invest in eternity's currency—the souls of men. The applause of mortals fades, but the echoes of our deeds resound in the halls of heaven. Seek first the kingdom, and all else shall be added. The weight of eternity's values rests upon our shoulders.

6 Feb 2024

The true meaning of life

In this modern world, where distractions abound and souls are starved, remember this: The deepest thirst of the human heart can only be quenched by the living water of a real, personal relationship with God. Seek Him earnestly, for in His presence, you will find the true meaning of life.

15 Jan 2024

World Religion Day

So, “World Religion Day,” they call it? A day to pat ourselves on the back for tolerating the Babylon we've built? For holding hands with heathens and heretics in the marketplace, all smiles and sweet nothings about “understanding”? Pah! Understanding, they say? I tell you, the very word stinks of lukewarm compromise!

What is there to understand, when idols sit on thrones built from bones of the true Faith? When minarets pierce the sky like blasphemous needles, and incense clouds choke out the clear call of the Gospel? Is that what we celebrate? This hodgepodge of man-made gods and twisted scriptures?

Nay, friends, we don't celebrate confusion. We mourn it. We weep for the souls drowning in the murky waters of false doctrine, their thirst for truth quenched with poisoned wells. We cry out against the din of a thousand false prophets, their lies echoing in the hollow halls of ecumenical temples.

This world craves peace, does it not? But where will it find it? In the tangled web of conflicting creeds and competing deities? In the wishy-washy pronouncements of those who seek unity at the cost of conviction? No, never! Peace is not a child of compromise, but of surrender!

Let us not speak of “understanding” with forked tongues. Let us speak of truth, of the one, true God who stands alone in the pantheon of pretenders. Let us preach the Gospel, not a watered-down version palatable to heathen ears. Let us offer the living water of Christ, not the stagnant pools of human philosophies.

Tolerance, they call it. But tolerance for what? For the gangrene that eats at the heart of the Church? For the termites gnawing at the foundations of our faith? Nay, I say! Let us be intolerant of error, of falsehood, of anything that stands between a soul and its Savior.

On this “World Religion Day,” let us not celebrate the smorgasbord of beliefs. Let us not play patty-cake with pagans and pray for “understanding” with the damned. Let us, instead, raise our voices like trumpets, proclaiming the unvarnished truth of the Gospel. Let us offer a feast, not of tolerance, but of repentance and redemption.

Let the world know that while they may revel in their diversity, we stand firm on the rock of our faith. Let them hear the thunder of our convictions, unashamed and unapologetic. Let them see the fire in our eyes, not of anger, but of love for the lost.

Only then, when the truth rings clear and bright, can we truly celebrate. Only then can we hope for a world not united by the flimsy threads of tolerance, but by the unbreakable bond of faith in the one true God.

Go forth, then, brothers and sisters! Go forth with the Word on your lips and the fire of the Holy Spirit in your hearts. Let this not be a day of celebration, but a day of declaration. Let the world know that the banner of Christ still flies high, and that we, His soldiers, will not yield an inch of ground to the forces of darkness.

For the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, and we will not be found wanting!

22 Dec 2023


What use is a name unblemished by the scars of battle for the Kingdom? Seek not the praise of men, but the thunderous roar of the King's approval! Forget your own selfish ambitions. Embrace the fiery transformation of the Spirit. Let your soul scream with the love that consumes true seekers of good!

19 Dec 2023

To be a true thinker

A mind without the expansive landscape of knowledge is like a garden confined by its own fences. To be a true thinker in the realm of faith requires not just sharpness but a panoramic view, connecting truths like stars in the heavens and embracing the moral law within.

15 Dec 2023

A sacred retreat

Loneliness with the Almighty is a sacred retreat; beware the festering poison in the fellowship of the faithless.

10 Dec 2023

Be the disruptor

Don't be a spectator in a world starving for goodness. Our Lord didn't observe; He acted, leaving an indelible mark. Mediocrity is a silent killer; be the disruptor, the catalyst for good. The great day awaits, and a glorious account demands more than passive existence.

9 Dec 2023

No squandering

The breath of life is a sacred gift, but let it not be squandered in idleness. Embrace the day with a fervor that befits the honor of existence, for action, not contemplation, defines our legacy.

2 Dec 2023

To excellence!

To elevate oneself, one must forge alliances not with timid companions but with steadfast warriors whose spirits blaze like beacons, guiding you through the storms of mediocrity.

30 Sep 2023

Grace, Patience, and Judgment

God's grace is a wondrous gift, but let us not mistake His grace for an endless tolerance of persistent sin. In the Book of Ecclesiastes, it's written, “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil” (Ecclesiastes 8:11). God's patience is not an endorsement of our iniquity; it's a merciful call to repentance. The impending judgment is not a distant threat, but a reality we must confront if we persist in rebellion. Let us heed the urgency to turn from our sinful ways, for the day of reckoning approaches, and His patience, though long, is not infinite.

25 Sep 2023

The Inestimable Treasure of Personal Encounter

Listen up, my friends; let's stick to the unadulterated truth.

“I used to be blind, now I can see!” exclaimed the once-blind man touched by Jesus. It's no fancy talk; it's a powerful reality.

To all the naysayers hurling arguments at Christianity, you can simply fire back: “I was once lost in ignorance, stumbling in the darkness of sin, a stranger to God and to my own soul. But now, I've tasted His grace, felt the weight of my sins, and basked in the radiant truth of His gospel.”

Experience, my friends, toughens our hearts against the assaults of skeptics far better than any philosophical discourse ever could.

26 Jun 2023

From henceforth let no man trouble me

Ah, the evening breeze carries memories from distant shores. A gentle reminder of paths crossed and choices made. Some chapters are best left behind, as new pages await the curious hearts.

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